Dirk Bonsma ist …

kein Grafiker, kein Illustrator und kein Künstler, er benutzt jedoch deren Mittel um allerlei Langweiliges spannend zu machen.
Daraus entstehen aus diversen Sachen Sachen wie Rockplakate, Schillernder Schinken, bemalte Zigarettenschachteln, Wuzz Buzzins, Linoleumdrucke, Stempelbilder, Minimunchs, auch mal ein Mondoskop und diverses mehr.

Herr Bonsma ist eindeutig Sachbearbeiter in seiner eigenen Firma.


[…] Furthermore, Bonsma’s sensibility and love for ornaments led to seemingly endless outgrowths of more phantasmagoria, just like a good refrain leads to mental circles and deep vertigo. His posters made us aware that music and the visual arts can come together, but that it needed real translation, not just woolly or gestural empathy. His translations into the medium of drawing and colour were the thing, they were as whacky and crazy as they were conceptually immaculate, perfect compositions in saturated colours and deep-black blacks in ravishing quality print on the right type of paper: nothing was left to chance, even if it was ‘only’ going to hang on the street. The way precision was squandered, as if it were an obvious fact, was unique. “I must”, I said to myself, “collect these posters, they belong in a museum”. But perhaps it didn’t even deserve them, well, whatever whatsboezzn. – Daniel Baumann in „Ding Dong – Dirk Bonsma